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. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is corin woods, i am co-chair of the port central water front advisory group as well as chair of the mission bay cac and so this project and mission bay has taken a lot of my energy over the last god knows how many years. >> and the sea wall supports the 337 project. some of the things that we like about it are the parks and open space. and the block sizes, which are, thank god, that are the mission bay. and the connections of the bay, and the variety of heights which we would like to see will get, i am sure that we will get into a lot more detail. i am not sure that there is universal support for the kind of heights and the kind of development total square footage that the giants would like to see. but, it is an ongoing negotiation. we talked about families. one of of the things that we asked the giant its look at since they have got this park in the middle with no streets in the way, look at child care as an opportunity. because they are very few places where you don't have to cross the street. to get to a child care. >> we like th
wants to see a conflict on the corin peninsula. >> secretary of state kerry is heading to seoul for talk was south korean officials. north korea placed missles on a launch pad yesterday loaded and furld a test. >> major hurdle has been cleared on a debate on capitol hill. the senate blocked republicans from filibustering the legislation. supporters needed 60 votes and got 68 including a dozen votes in support. families of victims of the school shooting crowded the gallies to witness the vote. >> we're standing here because my sister and mom can't be. their voices need to be heard. >> the legislation includes increasing penalties for sales. >> i believe the government should focus on keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and those with mental issues to cause them to be a threat on our society. >> senator feinstein promised introducing the man late today. senate begins rebate next week. >> hebs of a bipartisan group of u.s. senators say they've reached a deal on a new sweeping immigration bill and say it contains almosts to remake the nation's immigration laws. including boosting
a conflict on the corin peninsula. >> secretary of state kerry is heading to seoul, then to beijing to meet with chinese leaders about this crisis. >> the president's budget continues to draw fire today. even nancy pelosi is expressing concern. mark math use sat down with ronald reagan's budget director. >> david stockman says the president missed an opportunity and he says the economy is headed for another crash. progressives are houling the budget is a document only a republican could love. >> in 2008 he said he would not cut social security. >> in the 2008, then candidate obama did make a pledge but his budget now proposes limiting the growth of social security benefits but changing the way the cost of living is calculated. it ronald reagan's former budget director calls it a little bitty fix for a huge problem. >> i think we're going to end up over $1020 trillion in deficits unless there are big changes. >> he says defense should be cut by 50 to $150 billion and taxes? everybody should be paying more. >> not just 2% or oil companies or loophole that is targeted. middle class is going to
to seoul in south korea. anna corin is standing by there. anna, the analysts and military leaders are worried, but one of the things that came out today was interesting is we were waiting for a missile launch, there could be multiple ones. what's the sense there in seoul? >> that's exactly right. it didn't happen today or yesterday just gone, but it could happen in the coming days. and then the news out of the pentagon that there could be multiple missiles launched. so what we do know is that two missile launches have been to the east coast. this is a medium-range missile can travel up to 4,000 kilometers. and if it goes ahead would prove that north korea is successful in launching a missile that could potentially strike south korea, japan and u.s. bases in guam. while u.s. and south korean military are certainly on heightened alert, the feeling here in seoul is one of, you know, business as usual. people have been living in this climate for 60 years, ever since the korean war ended back in 1953. let's now have a listen to what one korean man had to say. >> translator: i am not wo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)